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What to do in Salento? What to do in Santa Maria di Leuca?


What to do in Salento? A trip to the Salento Peninsula, the extreme southern part of Puglia, to admire a thousand different landscapes, and over one hundred small towns in the province of Lecce each with its own square, historic center or bell tower. You immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere, made of sounds and dances of tradition. Summer holidays often become small trips that allow you to combine a little 'healthy relaxation to the sea with the discovery of small towns and cities. In this perspective, Salento is the perfect choice, a land that is able to amaze right away with the variety of its tourist offer.


Gallipoli, in the Ionian Sea consists of a modern part (the Borgo or New Town), to the east, on a promontory. And also an ancient part (Old Town), to the…


Capital of the province, Lecce is a city of so ancient origins as to be unknown. Several times have come to light, in the city, settlements, necropolis and stretches of…

Cave Zinzulusa

A majestic entrance dug into a wall overlooking the sea of Castro welcomes the Cave Zinzulusa, one of the major karst phenomena of Salento.The cave opens at the bottom…

Santa Maria di Leuca

Santa Maria di Leuca is a seaside resort rich in beautiful Art Nouveau, Moorish and neoclassical villas. Located a few steps from the square of the Basilica Santa Maria de…


Geographical Position of OtrantoIs located in the center of a valley, on a small promontory. Otranto is the most eastern city in Italy. On clear days, on the horizon…

What to do in Santa Maria di Leuca?

Santa Maria di Leuca is a perfect place from which to explore. Here the views that open to visitors are breathtaking. Santa Maria di Leuca with its crystal clear sea, the caves along the coast, the Lighthouse in all its beauty, the Monumental Waterfall, The Port, Punta Ristola, Punta Meliso, the nineteenth-century villas, There are really many things to see in Santa Maria di Leuca.

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