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Cave of Terradico

The cave of Terradico passing Punta Meliso is the first that meets on the slope of Levante.

The Cave of Terradico called also cave of the Indians, is famous for its triangular shape, which recalls a tent. In reality it is not a single cave but a complex of 3 cavities, of various sizes, which develop successively between them.

Narrow and deep coves offer the visitor truly spectacular views.

Grotta di Terradico

Of the three caves the one that arouses the greatest emotions and the cave of terradico. It is a cave developed vertically with access from three small holes on the vault of the cavity and from an air outlet on the sea. Its height is about 35 meters and like most of the caves of leuca is characterized by beautiful plays of light that bounce on the unreal surface rich in mineral formations and calcium salts and from here you create shades of color from pink to green.

Grotte di Leuca
Boat emotions in Santa Maria di Leuca

For nature lovers and its secrets, for those who want to discover the sea and bring home new knowledge and memories and not just a few photos and souvenirs, the coast of Santa Maria di Leuca offers rocky scenery that leave you speechless. Its about thirty karst caves are made even more interesting by the names that man has given them over the centuries.

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