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Taxi Salento

Taxi in Salento

Taxi service in Salento – N.C.C. between the airport of Bari or Brindisi or the station of Lecce and all the localities of Salento.

Salento, the so-called “Heel of the Boot”, is the easternmost area of the Italian Peninsula. The most convenient and fast solution to reach it is by plane, landing at Brindisi Airport, or opting for Bari Airport; further north, another important Italian airport where to find special offers throughout the year, including summer. You can also get off in Salento by your own means or by taxi.

Taxi Salento

In addition to taxis in salento we offer a series of services designed to solve all problems of urban and extra-urban mobility of those who need to move safely, quickly and conveniently. The means we use for transfers are equipped and provide comfort to passengers during their travels. We make our service perfect also thanks to the professionalism of the drivers. For tourists who holiday in Santa Maria di Leuca and nearby we offer the service of renting scooters, cars and airport shuttle.

Summer holidays often become small trips that allow you to combine a little ‘healthy relaxation to the sea with the discovery of small towns and cities. In this perspective, Salento is the perfect choice, a land that is able to amaze right away with the variety of its tourist offer.

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