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Salento in bus

Salento in Bus” connects the capital of the Province, Lecce, with the main seaside resorts of the Ionian coast (such as Porto Cesareo and Gallipoli) and Adriatic (Torre dell’Orso, Santa Cesarea, Castro,…).

The service, active from June to September, is divided into 9 main lines, differentiated through the colors that recall those of the brand “Salento d’Amare”.

Lines shown in the table are integrated with other secondary lines that allow to reach all the localities of the Salento area, including the hinterland.

The schedules of each line have been planned to ensure integration with long-distance vehicles to and from Lecce. In fact, account has been taken of the departure and arrival times of the trains at the Lecce railway station and the shuttle buses that connect the capital with the airports of Brindisi and Bari.

All useful information for getting around the Salento by bus

Salento provides a continuous bus transport system provided by the company STP throughout the Salento and reinforced in the summer months by the plan for tourist trips “Salentoinbus”.

Tickets to travel with STP buses can be easily found by purchasing them at numerous points of sale throughout the Province, or directly on the buses with a surcharge of one euro. Prices vary depending on the distance to be covered, you can consult online the full rate.

It is also allowed the transport of animals if not dangerous and small size, which must be brought in cages or containers with dimensions in cm 50x30x30.
Pets travel free of charge and cannot be transported more than one per person. We also talked about where to go in Salento with animals.
At the discretion of the driver, if the crowding is significant, may decide not to allow transport.

Here are the routes followed by Salentoinbus.

linee salento in bus

Entire perimeter of the coast is part of the ten main lines that you can see in the image and that are called numerically from 101 to 110, according to the following scheme to which we also link the last plan timetable, remembering that it is exclusively a summer service:

To ask for all the necessary information it is sufficient to contact STP calling the toll-free number 800-447472 (by fixed number) or the number 0832 224 411 from Monday to Friday between 7:30 and 14.

Salento In Bus runs every day from 1 July to 31 August.

Airport shuttles. Lecce City Terminal – Brindisi Aeroporto. Orari.

Check the Return/Return times line by line!

Linea 101➽  Lecce –  Torre Dell’Orso – OtrantoVisualizza gli Orari
Linea 102➽  Gallipoli – MaglieVisualizza gli Orari
Linea 103➽  Maglie – S. Cesarea T. – Castro – Marina di AndranoVisualizza gli Orari
Linea 104➽  Lecce – Porto Cesareo – GallipoliVisualizza gli Orari
Linea 105➽  Otranto – Santa Cesarea – Castro – S.M. di LeucaVisualizza gli Orari
Linea 106➽  Lecce – Maglie – OtrantoVisualizza gli Orari
Linea 107➽  Lecce – Maglie – Tricase – S.M. di LeucaVisualizza gli Orari
Linea 108➽  Lecce – Gallipoli – S.M. di LeucaVisualizza gli Orari
Linea 109➽  Galatina-Galatone-GallipoliVisualizza gli Orari
Linea 110➽  Porto Cesareo – Riva degli AngeliVisualizza gli Orari
Linea 111➽  Nardò – Santa Maria al Bagno – Santa CaterinaVisualizza gli Orari
Linea 112➽  Soleto – Torre dell’OrsoVisualizza gli Orari
Navette per gli Aeroporti di Puglia➽  Brindisi – BariVisualizza gli Orari

We advise our customers that the purchase of tickets with the smartphone can be made with the app my Cicero (

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