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Winter storage Boats

Winter storage boats

For most yachtsmen, the time comes every year when it is necessary to separate from your boat, postponing trips, excursions, cruises and regattas to the following year. With the turn of the summer, in short, it is necessary to start thinking about the winter storage, and the many jobs that will have to be done to prolong the life of the boat, in all its parts.

Boat transport

The transport service, with trailer, of boats/ inflatables with a maximum weight of 25 q.

trasporto imbarcazioni leuca


Mostly, after the winter , with a simple phone call, you will inform us when launch your boat, we will think of everything so that you find the boat at the berth ready for use.

Barche Santa Maria di Leuca

Winter Case

If you do not have a garage to park your boat during the winter, you can decide to leave it in storage with us, where it will be parked in a hut with insurance cover and anti-theft system.

Custodia Invernale Barche Leuca


Once the use of your boat is complete, we will deal with: haulage, transport, internal and external cleaning of the hull and engine storage.

Rimessaggio Barche Leuca

Winter storage

Those who own their own boat know very well what the end and beginning of season maintenance of the engine and the hull.

In addition, we work with experienced mechanics, upholsterers, installers and our experience in winter storage and storage.

Main advantages

  • Covered and secured parking
  • Hull maintenance
  • Mechanical assistance
  • Transport Boat
  • Winter Storage Boats

Once the summer season is over we take care of your boat for everything it needs, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance (engine, hull wood/ fiberglass, upholstery, electrical installations, etc.).

Rimessaggio Invernale Barche Santa Maria di Leuca

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