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Cave of the Giganti

The cave of the Giganti is so called by virtue of the legend according to which inside are buried the Giants killed by Libyan Hercules.

This cave is of exceptional paleontological interest, as many remains of artifacts dating back to the middle Paleolithic have been found.

cave of the giganti leuca
The legend of the Cave of the Giganti

The legends, we know, proliferate generously, but what has been proven historically today is that in these caves lived the man of Neanderthal, as evidenced by all the finds of Mousterian culture found in this place.

After the Neanderthal man, the Byzantines and the Romans succeeded each other, leaving behind their 10th-century coins and jars.

The finds found among these rocks have transformed this cave into an important archaeological site.
The cave can be accessed only by sea but then, to visit it, you need to get off the boat and continue on foot. Only in this way will we see the important production of stalagmites in the center of the cave that the erosion of sea water has produced over the centuries.

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