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Cave of Drago

The Cave of the Drago is about 60 meters deep, this cavity has inside rocks that resemble the head of a dragon and a moray eel.

Boat trip In the Cave of Drago Leuca

Cave of leuca

During the boat trip to the Drago Cave you can enjoy a swim in an idyllic setting,;represented by a show that deserves to be seen. Crystal clear waters, with colors that turn from blue to green. Rocks eroded by the waters of the sea always beautiful to see.

Santa Maria di Leuca

The caves of Santa Maria di Leuca

caves of leuca

Santa Maria di Leuca is known and sought after for its coast paved with silvery cliffs and carved by caves and picturesque coves, ideal refuges for boat lovers.

Choosing a ‘guided excursion means being able to appreciate the beauty of the coast and the sea of Santa Maria di Leuca offer visitors. For this reason we recommend to go by boat guided by one of our sailors; who will accompany you to discover the many caves of Santa Maria di Leuca that characterize our coast. You can choose to visit the slope of levanteadriatico or the slope of ponenteionico or both, or decide to customize your trip in order to make it even more extraordinary.

Come and live with us one of the most beautiful experiences of your holiday.

Contact us to visit the Dragon Cave or many other caves in Santa Maria di Leuca in Salento

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