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Cave of the Soffio

Along the coast of Santa Maria di Leuca you can admire the ‘great beauty’ that gave us nature, such as the Cave of Soffio.

Over the centuries, in the high cliffs and jagged were formed beautiful karst caves to visit and explore. The caves of Leuca are about thirty, and each of them has natural characteristics and its own historical wealth.

cave of the soffio
Caves: Light and Magic Games

The peculiarity of these caves is that during the various moments of the adornment they offer some spectacular light games to say the least. It is therefore very important and interesting to know the moment of the day best suited to admire the games of light and the colors that the sun rays create within them, penetrating between the openings and the crevices.

Dedicating the morning to the exploration of the great caves located along the eastern side , wilder and more impervious is in fact advisable. On the contrary, it is advisable to visit in the afternoon the cavities of the western coast of Leuca, more accessible and sinuous.

These caves, in addition to being magnificent natural shows, contain important historical finds and evidence of the passage of man, even very old. In fact, neolithic finds have been found inside them, such as bones, tools, objects dating back to the Stone Age and now exhibited in the surrounding museums.

cave of the ortocupo leuca
The Cave of the Soffio

Cave of Ortocupo is a large inlet with inside caves that can be visited by swimming.

Among these we mark the “Cave of the Breath”, so called for the splashes of water that come out from its mouth.

Karst-marine cavity with a modest development emerged and with a submerged portion, in which you can enter with a short dive through an underwater siphon.

Experience this adventure to discover the beauty of Santa Maria di Leuca

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