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Boat trips to the caves of Santa Maria di Leuca

Santa Maria di Leuca is a perfect place from which to explore, discover and explore the most beautiful coves along the Costa Salentina. Through boat trips Salento to the caves of Santa Maria di Leuca you can reach unspoilt areas in contact with nature.

The Sea of Santa Maria di Leuca

Disconnect from everyday life on any day of the week, to connect with nature and breathe the peace and tranquility of the sea. A sea of changing colors, whose blue, from the dark gradations of the abyss, goes fading away from the turquoise, to the emerald, towards the coast. It is a land of vast spaces, magnificent natural scenery, incomparable beauty.

The coast forms in the surroundings many beautiful caves; just outside the pier, under the square of the lighthouse, the two caves (communicating inside, with each other and with a third cavity more internal)of Cazzafra. Beyond Punta Ristola, on the Adriatic coast then, there are the beautiful Caves; of the Devil, the River, the Crib, the Three Gates, the Giants and the Stable; further away, near Torre Marchiello, the great cave called the Dragon. The visit to the caves is often conditioned by the calm sea and low tide.

Guided excursion by boat
escursioni in barca alle grotte di santa maria di leuca

Boat Trips Salento

Choosing a ‘guided excursion means being able to appreciate the beauty of the coast and the sea of Santa Maria di Leuca offer visitors. For this reason we recommend going by boat guided by one of the local sailors; who will accompany you to discover the many caves of Santa Maria di Leuca. You can choose to visit the slope of levanteadriatico or the slope of ponenteionico or both, or decide to customize your trip in order to make it even more extraordinary.

Experience one of the most beautiful experiences of your holiday.

Book with Piccola Nautica among the various boat trips to Santa Maria di Leuca in Salento and let yourself be carried away by the beautiful sensations and the waves of the sea..

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