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Novaglie Boat Rental

Discover Novaglie through boat rental in Salento

Novaglie is a seaside town of Alessano surrounded by olive trees and is located a few kilometers from Santa Maria di Leuca and its inlet is a paradise for fishing lovers.

The bay is famous for the presence of a splendid cliff characterized by suggestive sea caves and an enchanting crystalline sea. It represents, perhaps, the least contaminated seaside dimension of the south-eastern coast of Puglia. Discover it through Novaglie Yacht Charter

It is accessed via an asphalted road, which starts from the coast road and arrives at the seaside village. And, once you arrive at your destination, you can enjoy all the beauty of this corner of Salento.

noleggio barche novaglie

Rent a boat in Novaglie

Caves are almost all accessible and, among the most evocative, the Blue Grotto stands out with shades projected on the walls by the play of sunlight in the water; the Devil’s Cave, shady and dark with a narrow entrance; the Cipolliane Caves, an ancient complex of caves within walking distance.

Other very suggestive caves are the Grotta del Presepe and the Grotta dell’Elefante, with the magical reflections of the crystal clear water; the Grotta del Laghetto which houses a mirror of fresh and clear water inside, but above all the Grotta del Ciolo with the homonymous bridge from which the bravest perform acrobatic dives many meters high.

Marina of Novaglie

A holiday in the Marina di Novaglie offers very special views of the marvelous Salento coast, the sunsets are breathtaking with a sea view, a true seaside paradise for those who do not like crowded beaches and instead want to enjoy a deep sea and unique shows, Marina di Novaglie is what it does for you, especially if you love diving or simply swimming.

A place definitely not to be missed.

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