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Bike rental in Salento

The rental of electric bikes is a service constantly growing in Italy and Salento, which accompanies us, more and more, towards sustainable mobility and a totally eco-sustainable tourism.

Bike Rental Salento

What does it involve?

The rental of electric bikes consists in the possibility of renting an e-bike (also called pedal assisted).

noleggio bici salento

What is an ebike?

If a bike is identified as a pedal assisted bicycle, then it means that we are in front of a bicycle equipped with an electric motor. These bikes work thanks to a battery that provides energy, it works to assist the muscle strength of the cyclist while riding.

Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism can be the key to revitalising the sector in the aftermath of the pandemic. Increasingly popular and widespread both in Italy and abroad

The Covid has caused a clear leap forward in the city mobility sector and e-bikes will be the most coveted object.

In recent years, Italians have shown a growing interest in eco-tourism, both in the choice of destinations and in the services offered by accommodation facilities. Among these, there is the possibility to use the e-bike rental.

Bicycles, scooters, electric bikes, motorbikes or scooters? Mobility, especially urban mobility, is experiencing great changes and for everyone, even for managers and high-income people who used to use cars with drivers. In particular we fell in love with hybrid models, two wheels hyper versatile e-bikes in the head.

noleggio bici elettriche
Bike rental in Salento

Even Santa Maria di Leuca has adapted in giving the opportunity to all tourists to visit the Salento riding a bike with assisted cycling or not. These are real tours that can be done thanks to an app with interactive map that guides in the visit of the country and recommends several points of interest.

In addition, renting an electric bike you will have the privilege of participating in a boat excursion at a reduced price and immerse yourself in the breathtaking experience of visiting the caves of Leuca.

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